At the beginning you have to chose the most promising coin. According to Wikipedia there are over 700! At, there is an overview of the most popular coins. A Swiss company wants to launch an index fund based on Coins and its selection of Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple and Litecoin confirms my portfolio. My goal is to deposit money for the long term. Also I will withdraw the amount of my initial budget if the portfolio eg. doubles. This avoids a total loss if one or more coins crashes.

In order to track the development of my cryptocurrencies, I signed up at Here you can register your assets and follow the profits and losses, including an overall overview of your own portfolio. Their daily newsletter is also very interesting to get a feeling for cryptos and the market. When you add the different currencies to your portfolio, it is easier to specify the buy price as a total value, rather than the per unit price like in the table below. All values ​​must be entered with a dot instead of a comma.

Here are my investment at a glance, all details are given below and on the following pages:

CoinDateAmount in €Amount in CoinsExchangeFees
ETH13.06.2017200 €0,56996969 ETHCoinbase*2,99 €
LTC14.06.2017192,28 €7,3815301 LTCCoinbase*4,36 €
Transaction of 292,66 € for investment in DASH+BTC
XRP16.06.201799,75 €443,353037 XRPBitstamp0,25 € (Bitstamp) + 4,47 € (20 XRP once for the Wallet)
DASH14.06.2017ca. 100 € (3,81828269 LTC)0,64841605 DASHShapeShift (from existing LTC)1,94 € (Spread)
BTC27.06.2017ca, 100 €
(3,12304809 LTC)
0,04598788 BTCShapeShift (from existing LTC)4,70 €
BCH01.08.20170 €0,04598788 BCHBitcoin Cash formed out of the Bitcoin hard fork. Free coins!None
Total600 € minus fees18,71 €

And here is the value and the progress of my portfolio. Note that it includes mining and Coinbase affiliate earnings:

Let’s get to the facts and why I have selected these five coins:


Ethereum (ETH)

Investment: 200 € + Mining (more about this soon)

Not to be confused with Ethereum Classic (ETC). Short called Ether, this is the currency with the most potential besides Bitcoin: It supports digital contracts in the blockchain. ICOs (Initial Coin Offering), a crowdfunding for new coins, typically use ETH as starting capital. It provides the basis for other crypto services. Banks are interested in it.

Unfortunately I was too late to profit from the big rise in mid-May 2017. But in my opinion, Ethereum will go up even further.

Buy process on Coinbase*:

Sending ETH to my wallet:

View in Exodus:

Litecoin (LTC)

Investment: 100 €

Litecoin is very similar to bitcoin, both technically and it’s age. However, it has more features, such as faster processing of transactions. It is supported by many platforms, for example at GDAX, a trading platform for digital currencies. It had a spike n May 2017 as well.

The screenshot shows more LTC as I will exchange Litecoin to other coins later:

Ripple (XRP)

Investment: 100 €

This is a protocol for banks: nine banks are already using it and another 21 are implementing Ripple. Therefore one can be sure that this is a viable crypto. There are no transaction costs, but each Wallet costs 20 XRP, which is about 4.50 € in June 2017.

XRP buy on Bitstamp:

Dash (DASH)

Investment: 100 €

Previously known as Darkcoin and XCoin and also called Digital Cash. Dash focuses greatly on anonymity and offers a function named “Private Send” to enable users to perform anonymous transfers. Therefore it’s very popular in the Dark Web and it’s gaining momentum. Furthermore, it is structured as a decentral, autonomous organization: everyone can take part and vote on their matters..

Exchange LTC -> DASH:

Bitcoin (BTC)

Investment: 100 €

Last but not least, I have to invest in the mother of all cryptocoins. The price fluctuates very much and you have to pick the right moment to buy BTC. I did so on July 27th, 2017 at 2070 €/BTC.

Exchange LTC -> BTC:

Monero (XMR)?

There is much chatter about Monero and I also consider spending money here. They are focusing on privacy as well.

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