It always bothered me that /proc/cpuinfo and sysfs won’t show you the real CPU speed in case you have overclocked (or underclocked) your Intel CPU. On a recent hunt for a solution I found “turbostat“:

 turbostat -- utility to print cpu speed and C-state residency
              on recent turbo-capable processors


You will need kernel 3.2 or newer for this as far as I remember.


My Binary:

  • Compile it:
gcc -o turbostat turbostat.c
  • Load the kernel module “msr”:
sudo modprobe msr
  • Run the program:
sudo ./turbostat
  • Simulate load with the program “stress”, in my case on 4 cores:
stress -c 4
My CPU is an Intel Core2Quad Q9450 with a default clock speed of 2,6 GHz, overclocked to 3,2 Ghz (FSB set to 400) with SpeedStep enabled. Tested on Ubuntu 12.04 with kernel 3.2.0-24-generic-pae.

Output without any load:

/dev/cpu/4/msr: No such file or directory (I think this can be ignored)

 CPU   GHz    TSC 

   0   2.40   3.20

   1   2.40   3.20

   2   2.44   3.20

   3   2.81   3.20

Output with the “stress” command:

 CPU   GHz    TSC 

   0   3.20   3.20

   1   3.20   3.20

   2   3.20   3.20

   3   3.20   3.20
Let me know if this tip was helpful in the comments 🙂

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