Coinrush! General advice is to diversify your investments. Today you have a different choice besides the classics: Bitcoins and Altcoins. This seems very lucrative at first sight. If you buy the right cryptocurrency at the right moment, you can could be a millionaire overnight. If you would have invested only 100 € in the beginning of Bitcoin in 2011 to get 100 BTC, they would be worth 2.2 million Euros today (June 17, 2017).

On a second glance, however, it is also very risky. The slogan of makes this very clear:

“Never invest in cryptos more than you can afford to lose and always try to keep them in your own wallet!”

You can gain huge profits but also huge losses. I took the risk, but I started investing relatively late. On this site I would like to tell you my story, explain how to build a portfolio and what to look out for. It is a very exciting subject and keeps me from sleeping right now. It’s fun!


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